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The Beauty Station Salon & Academy Best Beauty Parlor Near Sunderpur In Varanasi

The Beauty Station Salon & Academy Best beauty parlor near Sunderpur in Varanasi

The Beauty Station Salon is a full-service beauty focusing on the health and well-being of all our clients. We offer massage therapy, skincare, nail care, and hair services. We are a locally owned and operated business. Kimberly Stephenson has owned the business for 5 years and has worked very hard to achieve the goal of being a 5-star beauty in Carteret County. When you visit the beauty station we want you to feel like you are a part of our family. It doesn’t matter if you are coming in for something simple or spending the entire day with us, all of our employees will always make you feel welcome. We have the very best products and services that you could ever want. So come on in to book your appointment(s) or just come in to say hello. You won’t be disappointed!

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